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Decision to avail Holograms such as Holographic Films, Custom Hologram Film from us will always be beneficial...


Moving towards celebration of second decade anniversary, we, Kumbhat Holographics, are a company that is renowned across the nation. We are one of the most reliable manufacturers of economical and impeccable quality High Security Hologram of the nation. Headquartered in Chennai, the presence of our company is felt in markets across the nation. Brilliance of our managerial personnel- Mr. Shanthi Kumbhat, Mr. Sanjay Kumbhat, along with the advisory service of Mr. Ajit Kumbhat, has led us toward attaining a turnover of 60 Million per year. From last five years, we are continuously achieving more and more, and have been continuously accomplishing the growth rate of over 40% each year.

Today, we are capable to produce 500 million holograms per month, with the help of an infrastructure that is spanned over an area of 72,000 Sq. Ft. It contains all the necessary departments, owing to which we exhibit our capabilities to greater extent. The main objective of our company is to manufacture our range of Holographic Strips, Holographic Films, Custom Hologram Film, Security Holograms, etc., at most nominal prices. So that we can promote our products to customers across the nation, and can make ourselves first company for customers interest.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, that today serves more than 7850 industries in the country including leading financial institutions, universities, certification agencies, religious institutions, and government departments. Not only for this, but because of many other reasons, our company is considered the best in this domain of work. We are highly competitive, and give our best effort to satisfy the respected customers.

For a company that has not even spent a couple decades in this industry, we have already become a leader in this field of work. Not only this, but we are also highly considered by our customers for being economical and high class security providing company.

Group of Companies

The journey of our group was started back in 1947, as a distributor of Electrical products. Steadily, we transformed into a diversified company, and enhanced our capability my stepping into manufacturing Electrical Products, Distribution of Food Products, Real Estate, Finance & Audit firms. Further, the group eventually transformed into a manufacturer of Laser Optic/ High Security Holograms, Holographic Films, Custom Hologram Film, packing solutions & IT related security solution. Companies included in our group are:-

  • Litaski Electrical Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kumbhat Bazaar
  • Kumbhat & co
  • Kumbhat Info
  • Kumbhat Electricals
Our People

Chairman of Kumbhat Group, Mr Shanti Kumbhat, is always glad that we started early in this industry, by serving products, that help in protecting brands. He envisions to eliminate the promotion of fake products by offering solutions. His out of the box ideology has harnessed the potential of company to great extent and has today made us one of the foremost firms of the nation. His values and ethics are deeply entrenched for the betterment of Kumbhat Group.

Director of Kumbhat Group, Mr. Sanjay Kumbhat
, joined the league to expose and overcome challenges that can help him and his group evolve into an eminent company. He has an experience in Building and Electrical industry for more than 20 years. His managerial skills make us stand ahead of every other company, and further makes us confident enough to compete in the market. Every step we take in this industry, under his guidance, makes us more dynamic. He only believes in fulfilling every promise made.

Why Choose Our Company?

Some of the reasons we list below, owing to which we proudly ask our customers to choose us:-

  • A Strong Clientele: Customers who doubt on choosing us, must know that some of the most reputed and recognized brands of the nation have trusted us for fulfilling their needs. Axis Bank, Airtel, Ambuja Cement, Bajaj, Bru, Cotton County, Andhra Bank, and IUCB, are some of the names that are a part of our cherished clientele.
  • Certifications: We boast about the certifications we have earned because, these accreditations are a result of our continuous hard work, determination, integrity, and everything. ISO/DIS 12931, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14298: 2013 and ISO 12647: 2004 are some of the certificates that we have acquired.
  • Capability to Deliver: We are a business entity that is well capable to meet the demands of customers. We are backed by sound infrastructure, in which a huge team of proficient individuals is employed. These personnel assure to overcome the challenges of fulfilling huge demands of customers.